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Tent Camping at Finish Line
Camping at Tanglewood is a special part of the Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood. We encourage you to join in the fun and camaraderie by camping. There is no fee for tent camping at the Bike MS finish line, and you’ll be able to enjoy a hot shower in the deluxe shower truck we rent for the weekend. See below for other RV options. Too tired to put up your tent? Boy Scouts volunteer to set up and break down tents for a donation to the MS Society.

RV Campgrounds
Tanglewood has renovated its campground for RV's only. These campsites are equipped with water and electricity hook ups. The fee for an RV spot is $29 per night, and you are responsible for paying this. To reserve your spot at the RV campground, please contact Tanglewood Park at 336-778-6370 and let them know you are riding in the Tour.

Hotels & Shuttles
If you prefer not to sleep under the stars, there are several hotel options.  You are responsible for the cost of the hotel. Be sure to tell the hotel that you are a participant in the Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood to get the special rates below. These rates are good until 30 days out from the event or until the blocks of rooms are filled.

A shuttle service runs continuously from Tanglewood Park to preferred hotels on Friday evening, Saturday (6am-8pm), and Sunday morning.

Host Hotel - Village Inn - Clemmons            
$89.07 per night, includes breakfast
Phone: 336.766.9121

Super 8 Motel - Clemmons
$79.99 per night
Phone: 336.778.0931

Holiday Inn Express - Clemmons
$81.70 per night
Phone: 336.778.1500

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Winston Salem       
$94 per night
Phone: 336-714-3000

Hampton Inn Burmuda Run
$95 per night
Phone: 336.998.3480


Do your own thing
If you can’t bear to part with the comforts of home, you are free to go home at night. If you choose to drink alcohol at Tanglewood, please designate someone else to drive you home.

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