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Bicycle Response Team (BRT)

Special Group
BRTs are a special group of dedicated volunteers who not only fundraise but volunteer their time and energy for a great cause. BRTs have the opportunity to make Bike MS a positive experience for nearly 2000 cyclists by helping cyclists learn safety procedures as well as cycling skills. Safety is the number one priority on the Bike MS route, and the Bicycle Response Team is fundamental in making this possible. The National MS Society hopes that members of this special group will find the BRT role a worthwhile experience and serve year after year.

Good Will Ambassador
BRTs are official representatives of the National MS Society. BRTs are encouraged to talk to the general public, store owners, and bystanders along the route. They thank cyclists for participating in Bike MS, and can answer general questions about Bike MS or Training Rides.

Safety Ambassador
BRTs act as Safety Ambassadors by sharing cycling advice and encouraging safe cycling behaviors. BRTs may also perform the role of first responders at accident scenes along ride routes and identify unsafe cyclists to ride officials.

BRT's are equipped with First Aid and CPR Training, Bicycling Skill Training from the League of American Bicyclists, minor bike repair tools, First Aid kits and a BRT Jersey so you can find them on the route.

Can BRT members still be on a fundraising team?
Yes, many fundraising teams have a BRT representing them. You may even get the inside scoop if you have a BRT on your team.

Want to Join?
If you would like to join the Bicycle Response Team, contact Derrick Huff at

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