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First Time Riders

Many Tour to Tanglewood rookies are avid cyclists and/or experienced fundraisers, but some are are brand new this kind of event. No matter your skill level, or fundraising experience, we have the extra support you need to reach your goals. Rookies are very important to us. Around 35% of Bike MS cyclists are rookies every year and we expect over 600 rookies to join us this year. You are not alone.


First time riders can register for free! Use the discount code ROOKIE13 to take advantage of this offer when you register online.

Rules and Regulations


The Rookie Game will enhance your first experience as a cyclist in the Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood. Aside from being a great way to meet other people involved in this fabulous event, it’s easy, fun and gives you the opportunity to win prizes!

Sign the Rookie Book at any of the pre-ride events. Rookies earn 25 Bonus Bucks for every event they attend. Rookies can earn bonus bucks for up to 10 events earning you $250 dollars that will be added to your fundraising total after you reach the $200 fundraising minimum.

Pre-Ride Events Include Beginner Rides, Bike Shop hosted Training Rides, and the VIBE Party (VIBEs Only).

Grand Prize
The Rookie that checks in at the most pre-ride events will win a GRAND PRIZE (2012 Tour to Tanglewood Jersey, Cycling Shorts & Bike MS Waterbottle).

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!