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Route Support

With the large turnout expected at Bike MS, it’s crucial that everyone uses good judgment throughout the weekend. Regular traffic is on the roads during the ride. Ride Officials are authorized to release any cyclist from the event who is riding in an unsafe way. Signal the route support if you have a problem. They have radios or cell phones and can get you the help you need. Remember to wear your wristband and fill out the emergency contact information on the back of your rider number. Route support vehicles will be identified by an “MS Event Support” Flag. If you would like to volunteer for one of the groups listed below, please contact

SAG Vehicles
Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles travel the route to transport you and your bike to the next rest stops should you need it. While standing off the road, take your helmet off and wave it in the air to signal for a SAG vehicle.

Bicycle Response Team
BRTs act as Safety Ambassadors at all Bike MS events by sharing cycling advice and encouraging safe cycling behaviors. BRTs may also perform the role of first responders at accident scenes along Ride routes and identify cyclists to Ride Officials. Look for BRTs at training rides wearing BRT Jerseys. Interested in becoming a BRT? Let us know and we'll get you started!

Rest Stops
We offer fully stocked rest stops with water, sports drinks, fruit and other snacks every 8-12 miles.

Bike Mechanics
Our sponsoring bike shops have you covered if you run into any mechanical troubles. They’ll be stationed at the start, rest stops and finish.

Motorcycles and Intersection Volunteers
Motorcycles patrol the route. Volunteers assist at intersections but will not stop car traffic. They will advise you when it is safe for you to proceed through the intersection, but please also use your judgement.

Police and Sheriff Support
Local Police Officers and Sheriff Deputies will be stationed at some intersections to help you cross safely. They can stop car traffic, but look to them for signaling before passing through.

(Routes may change due to road closures, construction, etc. Please use the cue sheet provided during the weekend of the event and follow the route markings to ensure that you stay on the Bike MS TTT route.)

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